We arrived in Paris at around 1am and decided to sleep in the airport until we could catch the metro to the city centre.  It saved us a bit of money, which was fantastic - but if you're after comfortable sleeping arrangements look elsewhere.  We caught up with Julian, an old friend of Mark's, and his flatmate Virginie, and stayed for a couple of nights at their flat just outside Montreuil. 

Paris - oh, the abundance of fresh produce.  Such a selection on offer in bakeries, in the corner grocery shops, the cheese specialists, the cafes, the chocolatiers; the succulent raspberries, peaches, strawberries, oyster mushrooms, found next to piles of misted herbs...  we won't start on the wine selection.  Paris is a food-lovers perfectly indulgent mistress.  
Walking along the Seine you could picture the upheaval reaped by the Revolution, as well as how this city inspired such artistic anarchy, energy, and literary grandeur.

We explored the Métropolitain, the Louvre grounds, the Champs-Élysées, L'arc du Triomphe, Notre Dame, Montmatre, la Basilique du Sacré-Cœur, and eyed up the Eiffel Tower, climbed on rooftops, ate freshly baked Parisian bread, enjoyed cherries and raspberries in the park and, of course, filmed as much as we could.  We were also unexpectedly in Paris at the same time as another of our AIRBORNE \\ artists - Sean O'Brien, a.k.a. Joe Blossom, whose music video postcard we later filmed in NYC.  He showed us around the Saint-Denis area - another hot-spot for gastronomical adventures.  We also caught up with Sophi's lovely sister Christine and her husband and beautiful boys in an area close to Versailles.

Sophi fell ill on the third day in Paris with a raging fever - coincidentally just after we stopped taking our Malaria pills from Cambodia... OR it could have been all that delicious Parisian gluten she's not supposed to eat.  Hmmm. 


Heading to Paris! 


Trending Louvre poses 

It's just too big up close.

Then he rented a Citibike and was gone!

To film on the rooftops we had to climb out of the kitchen window of the flat we were staying in and make our way along a ledge to access the roof. Gorgeous.

Montmatre x

Mark, day one, PARIS! Getting ready to tackle the Louvre.

Paris selfies fail. Or win? Sophi may have birthed the Eiffel Tower from her charming brain. 

Trending Louvre poses

The world is a small small place. We bumped into Sean (aka Joe Blossom) in Paris, who we would later film AIRBORNE \\ A7 for in New York City.

Parisian suave

Winning. Rooftop in Paris.


That tower. Superb from a distance.

Sean "Joe Blossom", Sophi and Mark. As you were.

One more.

Au revoir! Til NYC.

Pay attention, Sophi! Look around you...

Still very big.


Paris, here we come! 

Mona street art

St Denis area

Vin, L'eau, Pain, Formage. Bliss.

St Denis

Notre Dame, Our Lady.

Overlooking the Sacre Coeur

Bidding Sean (Joe Blossom) farewell x

L'Arc du Triomphe

Notre Dame


FOR AIRBORNE \\ we had asked all of our artists to provide a key word and/or colours that represented their track for us to consider when filming.  Adam charged us with a somewhat tricky task - finding bursts of vibrant colour in a fairly monochromatic and sepia city!  
His exact words to us in regards to colour selection: "ALL of the colour! SO MUCH COLOUR!"  Gosh we adore this guy.
Adam's keyword was 'Pulse'. 

Click the AIRBORNE \\ image for our music video postcard from the city of romance, Paris.