Bangkok, Thailand.  The heat hits you like an embracing wall as you step outside of the airconditioned airport.  We thoroughly enjoyed Bangkok.  We stayed in a suburb outside of the tourist backpacker centre where we were able to enjoy a slower pace and engage with locals.  Our favourite eatery was a few streets down from our homestay hostel and comprised of one outside table, a fridge full of beverages and an incredibly talented chef, a master of her enormous cast iron wok.  We explored the such sites as The Golden Mount, Wat Poh (which houses an enormous reclining Buddha 46m in length and 15m in height), went on the river ferry (the local ferry boats are less than half the price of the tourist boats), drank from coconuts (delicious survival tip #01), indulged in Thai beauty therapy treatments (or, "fish ate our feet"), and explored the sounds, smells and hair-raising roads of Bangkok.

To film for Alphabethead we ventured out in the evenings.  Each AIRBORNE \\ artist gave us a time of day to film, a keyword and/or colour to help us bring their life to track.  Alphabethead chose nighttime for us to film, and the keyword "nocturnal".  We walked through the night streets filming, rode tuk tuks, ate at roadside stalls, and sidled through Bangkok's red light district.  There are market places are buzzing with activity at all hours of the day and night, and we hope we captured the feeling of non-stop pulse and activity that Bangkok exudes. 


The Renegade Peach Project heading to Bangkok.

Filming from a pedestrian bridge overhead

Filming from a rooftop bar, Bangkok

Wat Poh and the Golden Mount were definitely Bangkok temple highlights 

Travelling by river ferry boat

Heading out on the Bangkok sky train for a night of filming

After a few beers at the rooftop bar (all in order to film, obviously...)

Keeping the Buddha statues in prime condition

River boat decorations at the bow

This fantastic group of cyclists were very keen to have their photograph taken. 

Reflections - Bangkok metro station, waiting for the train

This guy. Representing NZ on the Wat Poh Visitors Wall of Fame. Groan.

The grounds of Wat Pho

The enormous Reclining Buddha of Wat Pho

One of our favourite regular eateries, with delicious food and Chang. 

Less common in Bangkok than in Cambodia, bamboo and wooden scaffolding is used in construction - workers safety is not a priority.

The 46m long Reclining Buddha of Wat Pho

The temple where the Reclining Buddha is housed, Wat Pho

The feet of the Wat Pho Reclining Buddha were being restored when we visited, but you could catch a glimpse of the carvings via a zoom lens! 

Visitors to Wat Pho behind a beautiful Koi pond

The carvings on the feet of the Reclining Buddha, Wat Pho

Wat Pho caretakers trimming temple bonsai

Wat Poh temple is also the birthplace of traditional Thai Massage.  Thai Massage is not meant to be an entirely relaxing experience - the aim is to release any pent up toxins by kneading them out of the patient

So much street-side food to be enjoyed - stopping for second dinner after filming


Bells, the Golden Mount temple

Looking out over Bangkok from the Golden Mount temple

Delicious food. Chang. Life win.

The Golden Mount temple

An enormous Buddha (photo taken while standing upright)

MORE. Morning Glory a new favourite dish

Mark sounds the gong, the Golden Mount Temple

One of the toes of the Buddha - covered in flowers, lays and little pieces of gold leaf that you may adorn the Buddha's feet with for a donation fee.

Thai beauty therapy - tiny fish nibbling your dry dead foot skin away. Ticklish folk be wary.

Climbing to the top, the Golden Mount Temple

Flower vendor, Bangkok

Some of the houses along the river

Photograph courtesy of Under The Radar

Photograph courtesy of Under The Radar

FOR AIRBORNE \\ we had asked all of our artists to provide a time of day, key word and/or colours that represented their track for us to consider when filming.  Alphabethead gave us the word "Nocturnal" and asked that we film during the evening.   Click the AIRBORNE \\ image for our music video postcard from Bangkok, Thailand.

If you want more detailed day-to-day descriptions and impressions, you can visit Sophi's AIRBORNE \\ blog.