AIRBORNE \\ BUDAPEST - Filming for THOMAS OLIVER instrumental

We loved Budapest.  The first city that neither of us had been to before, it was a welcome treat.  The sunsets in Budapest on the banks of the 'Duna' Danube River are spectacularly vivid.  We also recommend Air BnB - we rented a wonderful Budapest apartment that made us feel very immersed in everyday Hungarian life.  In Budapest, the beer is cheap and the food portions enormous (except for when it comes to gelato).  The local liquor "Unicum" (est. 1790) has a potent fragrance derived from cherries.  The Budapest Metro is Sophi's favourite one thus far - a charming bouncing Soviet blue tin-can.

The thermal baths are a welcome treat after a day of traversing Budapest streets filming (we recommend Gellért).  It was easy to feel a romantic hue falling over the city as we filmed - imagining Thomas Oliver's Weissenborn instrumental as the light danced + played over the buildings, and people chatted and laughed by the Danube.

That wraps our filming in Europe!  We're travelling through Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia before we begin the next stint of filming - in the USA. 

Michael Jackson tree memorial, 2015.