Behind The Unseen - Trinity Roots' "El Kaptain" Music Video


We're getting really excited about releasing our video for this hauntingly beautiful track from the wonderful Trinity Roots fellows - not long now!  We developed the video concept with the band and the hugely talented people at Body FX, and had so much fun working on this unusual video. 

We filmed the video in colour but our actors were made up in monochromatic make-up, producing a silent film era colour scale.  The props, set and costumes were also sourced and made to the monochromatic aesthetic.  Keep an eye out for mermaids...

The lovely Asher Norris as the music video's character, the Accordion Player.

Lance having his monochrome make-up applied by artist Nicole Heydenrijk from BODY FX

TRINITY ROOTS - 'El Kaptain'
Featuring Mark Russell, Sophi Reinholt, Tim Holman, John Matias, Asher Norris, Carolin Prinn, Lance Ravenswood, James Deane, Hannah Sinclair, Kowhai Wilkie, Jaz Hales.
Make Up by BODY FX wizards Yolanda Bartram, Nicole Heydenrijk + Myrtha Heydenrijk.
Filmed + edited by The Renegade Peach Project.

Huge aroha + thanks to Trinity Roots and New Zealand On Air!