Kaan Zamaan Gallery - ANZAC Commemorative Exhibition

It's only weeks until we depart for our overseas adventures for our AIRBORNE \\ project, but we have work cut out for us before then!  Sophi has been up in Kerikeri, Northland NZ, and while she was there she put together a video for KAAN ZAMAAN GALLERY.  This year's ANZAC remembrance marks the 100th anniversary, and in honour of the innocent lives lost and the fallen soldiers, the gallery put on a commemorative exhibition.

Featuring Laurence Aberhart, David Barker, Scott McFarlane, Lee Brogan, Wally Hicks, Herb Foley, Fran Leitch, Keith Bernard, Minhal Al-Halabi, Richard Adams, Robin Anderson, Liz McAuliffe, Rachel Miller, Therese Wickbom, Therese Hoani, Beverly Cox, Ludek Admek, Chris Wilkie, Keri Molloy, Chris Reid, Jay Lloyd, Maria Lloyd, Michael Eskdale, Sue Foster, Sandra Thomson, Jayne Sprott, MTK, Julia Reinholt, Edward McKenzie, Dulce Draper, Donna Feary, Raewyn Smith, Chris Hinde.

Filmed + edited by Sophi Reinholt for KAAN ZAMAAN GALLERY.