New Project, New Section - AIRBORNE \\

Have you been exploring our website recently? If you have, you may have noticed that a new page has appeared in our "videography" section.

AIRBORNE \\ is an exciting project we embark on this May, as we venture off on overseas adventures in SE Asia, Europe and the USA.  Working with previously unreleased tracks from 7 NZ musicians/bands, we are filming 7 music video postcards in 7 overseas locations, capturing our understanding of the spirit of each new place and setting it to sounds of home.  We have strict criteria to follow, as videographers - we have 3 hours to film in each location, and 72 hours to edit together a video.  We are also given a time of day (dictated by the musicians) to film, a theme, colour and keyword that describes the tone of the melody.

From mid-August 2015 we will release these AIRBORNE \\ videos, one per week.  It's going to be a beautiful collaboration between extremely talented NZ artists and our visual medium.  We've already received some of the tracks we're to work with - we feel very privileged to be working with such fantastic material.

Click here for the locations - artists to be released soon!