Behind the Screen - The Nudge "DARK ARTS"

What a blast.  The Nudge sure know how to bring pace + vibe to a music video set.

We have been lucky enough to be able to test-drive the impressive new green screen at Massey University (WGTN) and we will be heading off to Great Barrier Island to film The Nudge in some scuba-åction glory later in the month.

This video has introduced a lot of new material, new experiences + new gear into the Peach fold - we've been filming with a legitimate + massive green screen for the first time, working with The Nudge on our first conceptual music video collaboration, and shooting with some ridiculously good new gear.  We've brought the Nikon D750, the Sigma Fisheye + Sigma Art Series 35mm 1.4 into the mix!  We're pretty excited about the visuals + abstract videography we'll be playing with.

Massive thanks to Massey, NZOnAir + these fantastic lads.