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Music At MATUA - The Nudge, Estère + Fly My Pretties

Auckland boutique festival "Music At Matua" presented THE NUDGE, ESTÈRE + FLY MY PRETTIES, in one delicious line up.  The weather was scorching and the crowd delighted in the wine, the food selection on offer, and the superb summer sounds.  We were there to film The Nudge as they kicked off the festival with their uniquely entrancing multi-genre music, followed by the glorious 'electric blue witch-hop' beats from Estère.  We encountered people hearing her work for the first time who were instantly mesmerised. Finally, the much anticipated the big band lineup of Fly My Pretties, which included many friends - the Nudge boys Ryan Prebble, James Coyle + Iraia Whakamoe, Mara TK (Electric Wire Hustle), Barnaby Weir (The Black Seeds), Mike Fabulous (Lord Echo/TBS), Nigel Patterson (The Black Seeds) and Jarney Murphy (also The Black Seeds).  We were very pleased to briefly meet Age Pryor - we've been fans for some time. A really fun day - we certainly got our dancing shoes on.

Talented Babe Alert! Estère + her MPC Lola had a truly great set with some sweet moves.

Talented Babe Alert! Estère + her MPC Lola had a truly great set with some sweet moves.

Getting ready - the view from the kit.

Getting ready - the view from the kit.

This year's ensemble of Fly My Pretties had the crowd up on their feet in no time.

This year's ensemble of Fly My Pretties had the crowd up on their feet in no time.

RISKY - Last Days of Filming

WEST COAST, Auckland - our second to last day of filming the visuals for a music video for Risky that we started filming on Great Barrier Island.   Mara TK of Electric Wire Hustle contributed his lyrics and vocals to the track and he flew up this morning from Wellington for a day's filming.  The particular beach we found is akin to a moon-scape.  Only surfers and intrepid tourists were brave or fool-hardy enough to embrace the cold rain for a beach stroll.  Glistening black sand and an extremely gusty wind meant we had swirling sand dervishes biting at our heels and faces, but it was worth it.  We captured some staggeringly effective footage that looks as isolating and alien on "film" as it was in real life.   

Aston Rd Sessions : Estère - L'oiseau dans l'etoile (live)

And here it is. 
It's the final instalment of the Aston Rd Sessions - and what a way to conclude them.  
Presenting the final video from the ASTON ROAD SESSIONS (LIVE) : Estère - L'oiseau dans l'etoile.  We teamed up with the hugely talented, fun and embracing crew at Aston Road for three nights of inimitable, intimate live studio sessions at Blue Barn Studios, Wellington. 

Thomas OliverLouis Baker and Estère are superb performers and able to move their audiences, be it along emotional planes or up on to their feet.   We highly recommend getting to your feet for this last live Aston Rd Sessions video. 


We've teamed up with the incredible illustrator and designer Kelly Spencer to conceptualise our latest logo. 
To work with, she's been

  1. Amazing fun
  2. Quick to respond to any requests and an easy-going collaborator
  3. Exceptionally talented at masterfully sketching up ideas

Here's a look at the very first sketches she came up with - we'll take you on our journey as it develops! (And Mark's looking at having our new logo tattooed, in a very cheeky area...)


AFROPUNK coverage for Estère video

Filmed and edited by The Renegade Peach Project
Afropunk has covered Estère's ASTON ROAD (live) Session performance of "The Words That Maketh Murder" (P J Harvey cover).  Estère transformed this haunting song into a contagious hip-bopping sing-a-long. Great work Estère - what a babe.