Dark Sky Sanctuary

'Colours of the Night' - exhibiting at Tutere Gallery, Kapiti Coast

We are very pleased that Tutere Gallery in Waikanae Beach is exhibiting a selection of Mark's astrophotography as part of the Kapiti Arts Trail. 

There are 9 framed photographs up featuring the celestial wonders above Great Barrier Island and Kapiti Island.  The photographs will be exhibited until 04 November. 


DARK SKY SANCTUARY - Great Barrier Island

We have been very immersed promoting and working with the islanders involved in establishing the Dark Sky sanctuary on Great Barrier Island.  Mark contributed many photographs to raise funds for the project and also donated photographs for the Dark Sky sanctuary book, "Sanctuary".  
The sanctuary is one of only three places on Earth that have been made into a Dark Sky sanctuary, protecting it from developing potential light pollution.  The island, being completely off the electrical grid, is the perfect place for star enthusiasts, star photographers, and astronomers.

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Great Barrier Island - Nightscape, by Mark Russell

Great Barrier Island - Nightscape, by Mark Russell