El Kaptain

Trinity Roots - El Kaptain Official Music Video

Our new music video for the lovely + talented folk of Trinity Roots has sailed out into the wild world. Check it out! 

You can find full behind-the-scenes photos and stories and the "El Kaptain" Official Music Video by visiting our Videography section, or clicking here.


We flew down to Wellington to work on a new music video for a fantastic Trinity Roots track from their upcoming album.  We had such fun filming this video - a great group of actors/artists sourced from Wellington and Auckland, and a superb team from body art, make up and special effects maestros, BODYFX.  It was a weekend filled with laughter, that managed to run to schedule as well! 

Johnny Matias, Carolin Prinn, Asher Norris, Lance Ravenswood, James Deane, Kowhai Wilkie and Hannah Sinclair were all fantastic fun actors to work with and were all happy and quick to take on direction when it was given to them.  Many thanks to The Costume Cave who provided extraordinary assistance in achieving an authentic 1920s monochrome selection of outfits, to the solutions guru Tim Holman who dedicated his skills and so many hours of his time to helping us out.  Thanks also to Jaz Hales who joined us on Saturday and helped out and to Joff Rae.

Below are some behind-the-scenes images of the shoot.


Above: Sophi creating an octopus for the shoot out of paper-mache + cardboard tubes.

Above: A more complete Octopus Petyr ("Peter") and parts of the jetty. 

Above: The superb Tim Holman assisting with wave-form. Check out some of Tim's work.

Above: Alterations to the row boat begins.

Above:  Nicole from BODYFX applying a monochromatic field to actor Lance.

Above:  Yolanda from  BODYFX  transforms actor James.

Above: Yolanda from BODYFX transforms actor James.

Above: The beautiful and insanely talented Carolin Prinn decorates some of the set's buildings.

Above: Down-time for Asher and Lance.  Lance had changed the settings on his iPad to greyscale to keep in theme (can we describe him as a 'method actor' now?)

Above:  DIY material waves, with help from Super-Tim of  Tim Holman Maker .

Above: DIY material waves, with help from Super-Tim of Tim Holman Maker.

Above: Lovely Jaz lending a hand and creating seagull silhouettes.

Above: 4 Gorgeous Shades of Grey.  (L-R) Johnny, Asher, Lance and James.