On The Road

The Baltic - Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia

We're travelling through the Baltic region and have really enjoyed these smaller Northern European states.  In Lithuania we walked amongst the peeling buildings of Vilnius' Old Town's wartime Jewish Ghetto, visited galleries and enjoyed people watching in the large open squares with delicious varieties of the extensive range of Lithuanian beers.  Riga, Latvia, was an unexpected highlight - we found that it deserves it's nickname "the Paris of the North", and spent hours walking around the Old Town, the Central Market and Russian Jewish Quarter.  We were lucky that our trip corresponded with the XI Latvian Youth Song and Dance Festival with children and teenagers attired in traditional dress and performing for the admiring crowds. 
We head to Estonia today, before making our way over to the USA to film our AIRBORNE \\ Music Video Postcard for JOE BLOSSOM. 
We'll keep you posted. 

Old Town, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Old Town Riga, Latvia

Old Town, Vilnius, Lithuania

Traditional folk dancing, Riga, Latvia

Overlooking the Old Town, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Riga, Latvia