AIRBORNE \\ A2 - Alphabethead "Bangkok" LAUNCHES!

AIRBORNE \\ is a series of music video postcards set to tracks from home, with New Zealand based artists contributing unreleased tracks to the project.  

Each artist was asked to provide a time of day to film, and a keyword and/or colour to help us capture the essence of their track. Alphabethead's key word for the track was "Nocturnal" and we filmed deep into the evenings.


We're in Bangkok filming our first AIRBORNE \\ music video postcard for ALPHABETHEAD. What a fabulous way to start this project off - we're really enjoying this city. The heat hits you like a wall when you step outside of the airport, and the smells and hustle bustle of people immediately envelops you.  Bangkok is a city heaving with activity, and yet it's relatively easy to find exquisite pockets of calm.  

It's a city of extremes - poverty and opulence, extreme humidity and air conditioned bubbles, people utilising every accessible resource and in turn creating a staggering mass of expended materials. The markets are a hive of people exchanging wares and currency, preparing food, riding scooters and bicycles, with shrines to a variety of deities watching over it all.  Our favourite markets have been the less tourist-frequented "Amulet Market" and "Flower Market".  The people are warm, welcoming and hospitable, the street stall food absolutely delicious.  As Mark put it, "It's like we're living in a restaurant!"  

We are filming at night time for Alphabethead's video and are making our way through the night markets and night streets, capturing the pulse of both Alphabethead's track and this mesmerising city.  Here are some iPhone images to keep you going.