We arrived in Siem Reap, Cambodia on May 26, after a hair-raising minivan journey from the Thai island of Koh Chang.  Almost as soon as you cross the border, visitors can note the change in surroundings.  Cambodia is markedly different from Thailand, and seems to still be suffering economically and psychologically after the US bombardment and ensuing Khmer Rouge regime of destruction.  The Cambodian people we engaged with were warm, gentle and very welcoming. 

We got a three day pass to the World Heritage Angkor Temple complex and arranged for our tuk tuk driver, Sky, to meet us each morning.  At our home-stay hostel we met Kite and D.O.G., both local tuk tuk drivers saving their money in order to get married, and Roberta ("Robbie"), an Italian teaching English on the outskirts of Bangkok.  We spent the next few days revelling in the awe of being amongst ancient civilisations' temples, filming, listening to Estère and Jordan Rakei's re-mixed track, and spending our evenings with our new friends.  On one day, we took a break from the Angkor complex and ventured an hour's drive away to Kbal Spean where we experienced living history, with people paying divine tribute at river bedrock carvings created thousands of years ago.  We swam underneath towering waterfalls, had takeaway Cambodian BBQ (including chicken feet - a first for us), and went out dancing at the legendary 'Pub Street'.  Here are some of our photographs from our time filming for AIRBORNE \\ in Siem Reap before we journeyed on to Phnom Pehn.

Siem Reap

Siem Reap

On the road, Siem Reap

Angkor Wat, Siem Reap

Carvings, Angkor Wat

The beginning of the sun set, Siem Reap

On the road, Siem Reap

Bayon Temple, Angkor Temple complex, Siem Reap

Angkor temple complex

Angkor Wat, Siem Reap

Stone elephants, Angkor complex temple, Siem Reap


Sky, our very patient and punctual tuktuk driver for three days as we explored the Angkor temple region, Siem Reap. 

Tourists finding their own space to witness the dawn over this ancient temple, Angkor Wat, Siem Reap

Mark on the track across an ancient moat

The waterfalls, Kbal Spean

The best swing. (Beer sold separately.)

View from the reclining Buddha's shrine, Kbal Spean

The average bike load, Siem Reap

Some of the Pub Street crew - Robbie, Sophi, Mark (photo by Kait)

Pub Street Buddha

Pub Street

Mark amongst the temple's nooks

What you don't see in the AIRBORNE \\ video - the thousands upon thousands of tourists. This was photographed while we were also capturing the video's sunset timelapses.

Angkor Wat just before the dawn. If you look at the reflection on the moat you can see the crowds making their way for the sun ceremony.

Banteay Srei temple "Citadel of the Women", Siem Reap

Mark filming, Angkor temple, Siem Reap

Temple shrine, near Kbal Spean

Buddhas underneath a large overhang, Kbal Spean

Lovely Kite beckons us on into the night

Pub Street crowds, Siem Reap

Pub Street Angkor

Shirts off for the birds

At Angkor Wat you see the occasional section that still bears decorative red paint  - apparently,  the temple's volcanic rock was once all covered in this blood-red hue. 

Robbie (Roberta) and Sophi enjoy freshly squashed and drained Sugar Cane juice, Kbal Spean

Sophi after seeing in the dawn at Angkor Wat - delirious.

Visitors at Angkor Wat, Siem Reap

Making our way up to a large reclining Buddha, Kbal Spean

Making our way up to a large reclining Buddha, Kbal Spean

Mark filming heart-shaped leaves

Bicycles, tuk tuks and scooters rule the roads here. 

Night-time tuktuk rides

A night off? Pub Street beckons.

Dancing the night away

Angkor Beer! (made in Thailand)

Safety First, Siem Reap

Sky in action - on the tuk tuk heading towards the gateway to Bayon Temple.


Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

New breakfast regime - coffee & unbelievably tasty coconut shake 

Robbie trying chicken feet.

Carvings, Angkor Temple complex

Fertility carvings in the bed rock, Kbal Spean

Large reclining Buddha, Kbal Spean

The waterfall at Kbal Spean and local swimmers

The lovely Robbie (Roberta) who joined us on a day trip to Kbal Spean

Water selfies.

Bayon Temple, Angkor Temple complex

Cambodian takeaway BBQ - chicken, rice, chilli, Sprite and Angkor Beer, Kbal Spean

We started using our Kingking sleepmasks in Cambodia - lifesaving comfort.

Photograph courtesy of www.estere.co.nz

Photograph courtesy of www.estere.co.nz

FOR AIRBORNE \\ we had asked all of our artists to provide a key word and/or colours that represented their track for us to consider when filming.  Estere gave us the word "Flicker" and the colours gold and maroon.   Click the AIRBORNE \\ image for our music video postcard from Cambodia.

If you want more detailed day-to-day descriptions and impressions, you can visit Sophi's AIRBORNE \\ blog.