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The video is playfully reminiscent of a Wes Anderson film... Just like in the song, the video expresses the themes and ideas in a creative story tale manner.
— Rip It Up Magazine (online)

One of the aspects of our work that we enjoy the most is coming up with music video concepts - and we like to ensure that each of our videos are very unique.  Music videos involve collaboration between artists and new friends, as well as cohesion between the visuals and the sound. 


It was fantastic to have a budget to work with thanks to
New Zealand On Air (NZOA).

We built a whimsical and entirely structurally sound tree-house for the video in Lance Ravenswood's FreeLance Garrett Street studio.  Lance crafted a bizarre and wondrous inter-dimensional telescope to travel between the real world and that of the shadow puppets. 
He also constructed a life-sized version of the puppet "The Greedy Man".

ABOVE&nbsp; Lance Ravenswood sits on the set's bed&nbsp;that he has&nbsp;just constructed.&nbsp;

ABOVE  Lance Ravenswood sits on the set's bed that he has just constructed. 

ABOVE  Demonstration of shallow depth of field over the three tiers of glass - coloured on the bottom, one layer of puppets and then an origami crane on the closest layer.  Shadow puppets made by Sophi.

ABOVE &nbsp; An early draft of shadow puppets made by Sophi - including an &nbsp; Estère  silhouette and the greedy man with&nbsp;a pawn puppet.       

ABOVE   An early draft of shadow puppets made by Sophi - including an  Estère silhouette and the greedy man with a pawn puppet.



ABOVE   More of Sophi's shadow puppets from earlier drafts of the video.



ABOVE  The All Seeing Eye shadow puppet.

We created a stacked frame consisting of three layers of glass that stood over a light box. We then mounted a camera on top of a tripod over the set up and animated the puppets. Long hours and fiddly work, and such great fun to watch coming to life.
— Sophi Reinholt

ABOVE  Estère receives instructions from director Mark Russell as he perches in the tree-house filming.  
Wardrobe, hair + make-up by Sophi.  Clouds + credits sign by Lance.


ABOVE  This is what the shadow puppets look like without adding a colour filter to the bottom tier. 

ABOVE &nbsp; Estère &nbsp;on set for the opening shot.

ABOVE  Estère on set for the opening shot.

ABOVE&nbsp; Estère &nbsp; peeps out from a window in her newly constructed tree-house.

ABOVE  Estère peeps out from a window in her newly constructed tree-house.

ABOVE Lance Ravenswood and his trans-dimensional telescope.

ABOVE Estère is applied with make up from Napoleon and lip-liner from MAC by Sophi.

ABOVE Mark Russell (director) and Estère during a rest between takes.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 10.53.02 AM.png

On NEW YEARS EVE 2014 we found out that Estère had made it into the top echelons of many of AFROPUNK's 2014 TOP 20 lists.

We were thrilled to discover that Estère and her MPC Lola had received due recognition and placed #2 for AFROPUNK's TOP 20 SONGS 2014 for I SPY, an our video for I SPY placed #2 for
's TOP 20 MUSIC VIDEOS 2014.  Not only that, Est
ère's first ever album placed #4 for AFROPUNK's TOP 20 ALBUMS 2014!

Well done Estère!  

Filmed, created, built and edited by Mark Russell, Sophi Reinholt, Lance Ravenswood.