NEW YORK CITY.  The city that managed to steal both of our hearts.  
We couch surfed in NYC with some of the most amazing people we met on our journey.  In Bushwick, Brooklyn, we were hosted by the incredible Russel and his magical building of artists, travellers, designers, pizza artists and musicians who made us feel so welcome, we felt we had found our second home.  Sky Fortress is a hub of creative energy and community nestled in an industrial area smattered with artist studios that boasts the best view of the Hudson and Manhattan.  The parties held here are supposedly legendary - but when we were there we were quite content hanging out with our new friends, filming, and enjoying a rooftop BBQ & movie night.  We also had one night in Midtown Manhattan thanks to another generous couch surfing host, complete with a rooftop garden.

New York City provided an enveloping heat, with only the short violent bouts of rain and a range of artisan brews able to break the humidity.  We explored and filmed in Brooklyn, Williamsburg, Grand Central Station, Central Park, the High Line, and around Manhattan, playing with abstracting our footage to try and capture the nostalgic echoes in the track from Joe Blossom.  Sophi picked up another tattoo in honour of the city, of a hand throwing paper airplanes.  We saw The Met, The Guggenheim, MoMA, the American Museum of Natural History and were introduced to the best $1 spicy homemade tamales from a woman selling them just outside the Jefferson Street station.  Bushwick, we love you.

The track was very fitting to our own experience of NYC upon our return - it feels like our time there was a fleeting dreamscape of larger than life characters, every variety of food imaginable, with grit and passion and dirt and elegance.  And we're yearning to return.
We completely understand how people are bewitched by this city's spell.
NYC stole our hearts. 
We've fallen.


Midtown, Manhattan

Mark, Brooklyn Bridge

Sophi and The Brians, Sky Fortress, Bushwick, Brooklyn

Mark and Sophi Brooklyn Bridge

Midtown Manhattan

We stumbled into a wedding photoshoot at Grand Central.


The Brians

The Brians


Brian as Elvis.

Brian face smoosh 


Clockwork Bushwick

Mark jamming on the keys

O'Briens! We found Sean O'Brien aka Joe Blossom right where he should be, NYC.

Rooftop shenanigans, Sky Fortress 

The Brians and Mike Ross

The Brians

Movie + BBQ night

NYC abstracted


Times Square

Times Square

Manhattan at dusk

Brooklyn Bridge 


It's true.  Just like in the movies.

American Museum of Natural History

View from The High Line

The Sky Fortress


NYC living. 1 bedroom = $2 million.

NYC, truth.

Manhattan, High Line


The Met <3

Sophi's NYC shoulder tattoo of a hand launching paper airplances - thanks GNOSTIC Tattoo. 

The best tamales. $1 from outside Jefferson St station

Rooftop garden, midtown Manhattan

The High Line


On the ferry to Staten Island

The ceiling of Grand Central - one rectangle remains tarnished to show NYers what the station looked like before the massive restoration project - and to ensure they don't allow it to ever fall in to such neglect again.

American Museum of Natural History


High Line View

Mark chilling beneath a Mike Roth artwork, Sky Fortress resident

NO LONGER A PART OF NYC, it's technically New Jersey now. 

Street art. Warhol. Basquait.



FOR AIRBORNE \\ we had asked all of our artists to provide a key word and/or colours that represented their track for us to consider when filming.  Joe Blossom, gave "nostalgia" and "abstract" as key words, and asked us to film under the evening sun, the twilight hours.

For more from Joe Blossom head to:

Click the AIRBORNE \\ image for our music video postcard from New York City.