We had the shortest amount of time in San Francisco than in any other location on our journey - around 24 hours of exploring and filming this foggy and vibrant city.  We met up with Mark's friend Crawford who hosted us, drove us around, explored the city's abruptly angled streets, ate "In-N-Out" with us, and even introduced us to the enigmatic Dana who was in the process of constructing an enormous altar sculpture to go directly underneath the Burning Man at Burning Man festival '15.  

We explored the Palace of Fine Arts, galleries, the waterfront, crossed the Golden Gate bridge, looked out over Alcatraz, visited the steepest street and Haight-Ashbury, smelt lounging seals, saw a hummingbird, caught buses and the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transport) train, went up to the San Francisco look-out - and before we knew it we were heading back to the airport.  We had barely sent out the last of our cat postcards!*

The steep streets, dress sense, activist history, and misty weather reminded us fondly of home (Wellington, New Zealand) - we hope to get the chance to explore the city more thoroughly at some later stage.   

We filmed in black and white and in colour in San Francisco for a Louis Baker track called "The Way".  For AIRBORNE \\ this new version of the track was produced by Devin Abrams.

*Okay, Cat postcards - this probably needs further explanation.  Before leaving NZ Sophi picked up a book of cat postcards from her local op-shop (Sallies / thrift store).  She then proceeded to send said postcards from exotic locations to loved ones - generally against their will.   


Golden Gate Bridge


Sophi filming

Mark filming

Mark, Golden Gate Bridge.

San Fran streets.

We met this wonder-woman creating a piece for Burning Man 2015, and she asked us to contribute to it. Stoked!

Fire escape, San Fran version

Tandem bicycle, Golden Gate Bridge

Palace of Fine Arts

Looking out towards San Fran

Mark smiling (well, that's what he's doing, innit?)

This guy. Using a pole and leverage he was craftily collecting all the dropped 'phones from countless overextended selfies. 

Walking up towards the steepest street in San Fran.

Sculpture alter to be placed directly underneath the Burning Man, Burning Man 2015.

Such a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Sending off another cat postcard!

Steep streets.

Palace of Fine Arts

Sophi, Golden Gate Bridge

Feeling misty.

Palace of Fine Arts

Admiring the start of the sculpture.

Top of the steepest street


The Bridge & the Bay

The Bay.

Art Space, Palace of Fine Arts.

Crossing the bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

Palace of Fine Arts


Sophi on a bridge.


The steepest street in San Fran

The start of Sophi's contribution to the Burning Man sculpture offering.



FOR AIRBORNE \\ we had asked all of our artists to provide a key word and/or colours that represented their track for us to consider when filming.  We didn't quite get to narrow down any for San Francisco so we had complete creative freedom with this one - which was just as well as we only had 24 hours in this city.

Click the AIRBORNE \\ image for our music video postcard from San Francisco.

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