When we were first planning our AIRBORNE \\ travels we had not considered going to Budapest.  However, Thomas Oliver asked us if we could make a special detour to a place that held a lot of significance to him for his music video postcard, and that's exactly what we wanted from our collaborating artists - to create a track for a location that truly resonated with them.  We were also able to catch our first European train from Berlin to Budapest, drinking coffees in the dining carriage as the villages and valley landscapes melted past us.

Budapest, Hungary, is a city situated on either side of the Danube River, a fast flowing body of grey green water that passes through the city and ten other European nations on its journey between Germany and the Black Sea.  At night time in particular, Budapest comes alive - its soft lights shimmering across the fast flowing water.  Hungary has a rich history of foreign influences, from Nordic peoples to the Ottomans, and the architecture, flavours, and folk art all reflect elements of its diverse past.  The covered market places are rich in spices (paprika being Hungary's signature flavour), red meat, delicate embroidery, hand-painted carvings and flowers.  The thermal baths in Budapest are a welcome rest stop after a day wandering the city.  Food portions are enormous in Budapest - you certainly won't go 'Hungary'. (Uggh)

The track Thomas Oliver composed for AIRBORNE \\ Budapest is powerful, rich, poignant, sweet and enveloping - and it snuggles up to your subconscious.  Don't be surprised if you wake up humming the song.  We feel the melody managed to capture our own emotional response to the city. 

Thank you Thomas.



En route to Budapest!

Our train, and Mark with ALL of our luggage for 3 months travel. 

Train station in Budapest

A Pest with a view!  A photo taken of Mark and the view from the Pest side of Budapest. 

Sophi filming!

The glass ceiling at Gellert thermal pools, Budapest.

We found a pair of goggles. We gave a pineapple LIFE.

Budapest by night

Dawn in Budapest


Mark filming over Budapest

Sophi above Budapest

A glass ceiling detail at Gellert thermal pools, Budapest.


PORTION sizes. Sophi had to start switching to entree soups.  Ginger beer x

A pagoda ceiling opens up to a beautiful sky, Budapest

Sophi on one of the bridges spanning the Danube River


Ornate ceiling decor at Gellert thermal pools

Beer + Goulash!

Sophi infront of a fancy hotel (we didn't stay there)

The Budapest sky on fire.

Creative takes on jewellry


The indoor marketplace, Budapest

One of the Gellert thermal pools, Budapest

Our lovely accommodation in Budapest

Mark filming the raw sky

Sophi wearing her favourite Prinn Walker & Ravenswood jersey (AGAIN)

Gellert thermal pool, Budapest

Hungarian wallpaper

Sunset in Budapest

Top of the hill, Budapest

Gellert thermal pool, Budapest

Our kitchen, Budapest


PORTION sizes, Budapest

Farewell Budapest! 

Farewell Budapest! 


FOR AIRBORNE \\ we had asked all of our artists to provide a time of day to film, a key word and/or colours that represented their track for us to consider when filming.  

Thomas Oliver had initially asked us to film at dawn and so we did - but the dawn in Budapest is decidedly unremarkable.  The city saves its splendour for its night-scape.

For more from Thomas Oliver head to:

Click the AIRBORNE \\ image for a music video postcard from Budapest.