LUSH Package

With our LUSH Package, we offer two separate package options - one for photography, and one for videography. 

With both options, you will have mark+sophi for the entire day - from getting ready at his + hers locations to well past the first dance as husband + wife.  

LUSH Photography Package

This package comprises of photographs from two m+s photographers over the entire course of the day.  This includes bride and groom photographs, photographs of the happy couple with the bridal party, respective families, and group shots. 

m+s photographs are candid and capture fun, intimate, unique moments that bring the spirit of your day to life.  

Our more formal group photographs can be photographed on-site at the location of the ceremony or reception, or at alternative locations of your choice.

We don't want to leave you wondering what the photographs look like for weeks on end - all your edited photos will be with you and ready for sharing within a week of walking down the aisle.

What you walk away with

  • A total of 700 - 800 edited photographs on USB and/or uploaded to web.

 LUSH Photography Package  $2500 (+GST)
+ any long-distance travel costs

Want to check out some of our m+s photographs?
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LUSH Videography Package

Discreet filming by two m+s videographers for the entire day, including full video coverage (with audio) of the ceremony + speeches.  

Our m+s highlights video is our most popular video - a fun, living memory that is easy to share with family and friends via e-mail + social media.  It's also edited to songs of your choice - songs that hold special significance to the two of you, or that just get your both up on the tabletops!  

With our LUSH Videography Package we record the entire wedding ceremony and all the speeches - complete with high quality audio. 

What you walk away with

  • 1 x 12mins + highlights video edited to a selection of songs of your choice
  • 1 x video of the full ceremony (with audio)
  • 1 x video of the speeches (with audio)

Videos uploaded to YouTube and/or USB stick.

LUSH Videography Package  $2500 (+GST)
+ any long-distance travel costs



m+s are based in Wellington + Auckland but we do travel for weddings all around New Zealand, and overseas
(we've even journeyed over to Poland).  When we travel for weddings, we include any travel costs in our initial quote - such as budget flights or petrol costs.