For the last five years we have joined the team at KOKO Creative and filmed + edited together the wrap video for the much coveted WETA X-mas Bash.  It is always an exciting and enthralling event for patrons (and us!).

Here's the video from December 2016.


LIFEHACK HQ - Flourishing Fellowship 2016

We went along to the Flourishing Fellowship 2016 and interviewed some of the participants about their experiences there.



Sophi filmed this video up in Kerikeri for Kaan Zamaan Gallery.  The Exhibition featured was titled "For The Fallen", commemorating ANZAC soldiers and innocents killed during the First + Second WWs.  www.kaanzamaan.co.nz


TheShop  -  AIRBORNE \\ 2017 Calendar

We've launched The Renegade Peach Project shop - TheShop. Limited edition textiles, prints, paper goods + the AIRBORNE \\ 2017 Calendar.  Our intrepid travellers calendar weaves together quiet moments in bustling cities around the world. This calendar is a collection of b&w images captured while filming around the world during our AIRBORNE \\ music video postcard series. Photographs from New York City, Riga, Amsterdam, Berlin, Budapest, Siem Reap, Paris, Bangkok and Tallinn.




Mark has been working with the team at Good Nature Ltd who have developed a humane method of trapping rats, possums and even feral cats.  DOC is their biggest client, and we're very pleased to be helping out with this project which helps to in the battle to protect New Zealand native birds. www.goodnature.co.nz


GOODNATURE - the Automatic Lure Pump

This is the future of conservation. 
Toxin-free, humane, and the most cost effective trap in the world. Goodnature's Auto Lure Pump is the latest innovation from the team aiming to improve conservation methods from our backyard to all over the world. 


CARPOOL KARAOKE with The Saints 

We teamed up with The Saints to promote the Greater Wellington Regional Council's new app - Smart Travel.  The app is designed to save commuters time, money and ease congestion by streamlining carpooling! It's a great initiative, available via the Apple App Store + Google Play.


POQUITO Bar + Cafe
Poquito Cafe and Bar Wellington is fab! We made a little video for the lovely Poquito crew to celebrate reopening after the 2016 Wellington shakes. Enjoy!


We like to get behind people with ideas that inspire change - people with foresight and perseverance that are creating a future that we want to be a part of.  From CROWD-FUNDING CAMPAIGN videos to promotional videos for SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMES, we love to be involved with communicating the ground-breaking ideas and initiatives of these innovators and shakers. 


WE CARE - Fundraising Exhibition

WE CARE was a fundraising exhibition for the children of Gaza that was put together by Kaan Zamaan Gallery, Kerikeri in October 2014.  The works were donated by artists and patrons, with all proceeds being donated to Kia Ora Gaza and Save the Children.  The live music was performed by Rosewood, with June Jacobson on djembe + Larry Jacobson on the oud, playing an original composition and then a traditional Palestinian ode.

This was filmed + edited for non-profit project ZHIZHY.



We've been closely watching the progression of these fine folk over the last few years and have been heartened to see Loomio's increasing following around the globe.
With this video and the generous support of people around the world, Loomio was able to raise over US$120,000 to develop and launch LOOMIO 1.0 (due out in November '14) - the next step towards a truly inclusive, online, democratic group decision-making tool.
Want to learn more? www.loomio.org



LIFEHACK works at the frontline of catalysing meaningful action to improve youth wellbeing in Aotearoa New Zealand.  We worked with LIFEHACK to create this video as a call to action to applicants to LIFEHACK LABS - a 5-week design-led bootcamp to kickstart impact projects to improve youth wellbeing in their communities.

A diverse and talented range of 20 young New Zealanders were selected and LABS was launched in August 2014.  
Learn more here: www.lifehackhq.co


Sophi's Big Head Shave - Bald Angels' 2015

On 20 November 2015 The Renegade Peach Project's Sophi is taking part in the Northland charitable trust Bald Angels fundraising event The Big Shave 2015  For more information, photos and video, click on the image above.  Bald Angels do wonderful work in Northland, raising funds for children and their families suffering from the impact of cancer and terminal illness, creating community gardens, and running donation drives for underprivileged Northland families.