AIRBORNE \\ is a project that was first considered in early 2015.  
Merging our love of travel with our passion for collaborating with musicians to create new content, we approached a handful of artists with a concept.  

Everyone we approached was keen and excited by the project's potential.  A few changes to the initial line up were made: Will from 'Will & Reece' knew that his coding course workload was going to be too full on for the duo to record any new material, but Reece McNaughten was still onboard to create something via his solo project 'Big Flip The Massive'.  

The artists went about selecting their locations, from the choices of Cambodia, Thailand, Paris, Berlin, San Francisco - with one alteration.  Lithuania was swapped out to be replaced by Budapest. 
Track after track was submitted - some new unreleased material, and some wicked remixes.  

On MAY 17 2015 The Renegade Peach Project set out to capture footage from each location for the track paired to it.  We roamed the streets with the artist's track playing in our ears, filming according to the criteria dictated by the artists' time of day, colour and keyword.  

On AUGUST 19 we launched our AIRBORNE \\ Music Video Postcards.  
We are tickled pink with the content of this series.  

* Estère's re-mix was concocted by the mighty Jordan Rakei and Louis' track was produced by Devin Abrams.