Aston Rd Sessions (live) - Thomas Oliver "Lead Me On / What I Can Say"

It has arrived! 

Thomas Oliver performing "Lead Me On / What I Can Say" for the May 2014 Aston Road Sessions (live), held at Blue Barn Studios, Wellington, before a studio audience.

This particular video is extraordinary.  Thomas' dedication to his craft is obvious.  With this final Aston Rd Sessions instalment Thomas delivers two songs that leave your heart beating and feet tapping in time to the melody.  Love it.

The Aston Rd Sessions has been such an engaging project to work on - and the team at Aston Road (lead by the gorgeous & heart-warming Cushla Aston) have been awesome.
Huge aroha to Cushla and to Thomas Oliver, Louis Baker and Estère. 

"Lead Me On" written by Thomas Oliver and Trevor Linnell.
"What I Can Say" written by Thomas Oliver. 

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Filmed by The Renegade Peach Project, + edited with Thomas Oliver.