AIRBORNE \\ A1 - Estère : Cambodia Behind-The-Scenes

We're not sure if you've noticed, but there's a behind-the-scenes section for the Estère (Jordan Rakei Re-mix) full of photographs, behind-the-scenes tidbits and our Instagram feed from the time.  If you're hungering for some behind the scenes travel photos, check it out!  

AIRBORNE \\ A1 - Estère (Jordan Rakei Re-mix) "Reptilian Journey"

The first music video postcard for our new series AIRBORNE \\ was released this morning! 
AIRBORNE \\ is a series of music video postcards set to tracks from home, with New Zealand based artists contributing unreleased tracks to the project.  

Each artist was asked to provide a keyword and/or colour to help us capture the essence of their track.  Estère's key word for the track was "Flicker" and her selected colours were maroon and gold.  Alchemy. Enjoy!

Intro music by The All Seeing Hand

AIRBORNE\\ was filmed, edited and produced by the Renegade Peach Project.  

Cambodia - AIRBORNE \\ Estère

We're in Cambodia! We began filming in Siem Reap and are now in Phnom Penn editing to the fresh track from Estère.  This MVP (music video postcard) is looking to be a magical journey through time and nature.  Met some fantastic people, and recommend trying out Cambodian BBQ (perhaps not for the faint of gut).

Angkor Wat Temple

Cambodian BBQ - full chicken (including the feet) and rice

Bayon Temple

Robbie tries the chicken feet

Waterfall at Kbal Spean

Kbal Spean - fertility shrine carvings in the river's bedrock