Shapeshifter opening the Chch Town Hall with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra

We were there to film Shapeshifter as the act opening the Christchurch Town Hall with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra. Here are a few snippets from the occasion! Full videos with be available via Shapeshifter’s Social Media platforms - keep an eye out for them!

UB40 - UK + Amsterdam Tour, 2019

It was absolutely incredible to go on tour with UB40 ft. Ali Campbell + Astro - and to experience the crowd going gently wild at London’s O2. Here are some of the videos we put together for the band as they made their way across the UK and Amsterdam. We’ll be jumping aboard another UB40 tour leg soon - stay tuned!

ASTON RD SESSIONS - Estère "Ambition"

Good morning whānau! Here is the first of Estère's Aston Rd Sessions that we filmed LIVE at Surgery Studios last year.  Having just returned from a tour across Africa, it was fantastic to hear some of Estère's new work - there's an invigorating, contagious, hip-sashaying lineup of new tracks. Thanks Estère, Aston Rd + Dr Lee Prebble of Surgery Studios for having us along! 
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ASTON RD SESSIONS - Thomas Oliver 'Shine Like The Sun' ft. Louis Baker

Here it is! The first of the 2016 ASTON RD Sessions with Thomas Oliver performing his beautiful new single 'Shine Like The Sun', feat. Louis Baker. Filmed live at Surgery Studios as part of a three night showcase of Aston Road artists.

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SHAPESHIFTER - LIVE @ Viaduct Events Centre

After a whirlwind summer of touring + filming, we were there to capture Shapeshifter's final gig at Auckland's Viaduct Events Centre. What an exit before starting their overseas tour! 

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You can also check out our wee behind the scenes video of the Viaduct Events Centre before the show was packed in:

Amsterdam STOP|OVER + TORA! TORA! TORA! 2015

We have meandered from AIRBORNE \\ locations to Amsterdam, and it has definitely exceeded expectations - the slender brick buildings beside the fanning canal network, the charming river boats, the accessibility of the city by foot, the tram network, but by far most strikingly, the endless lines of cyclists casually milling past - so fluent with their vehicles that they pass with an ear to a cellphone or pinning up hair, or with a handful of children balanced around them.  There are also the coffee houses.

We've loved being in Amsterdam - and will definitely return.  While in Amsterdam we also found that the fantastic coastal music festival Tora! Tora! Tora! released our wrap video of the highlights of Tora! Tora! Tora! 2015.  It was another fantastic year, punctuated by the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse on the Saturday Night!  We love this festival of good times, great music, soothing coffee, sand, surf, relaxed parents and freed little wildlings able to let their hair loose.  

We'll see you there again next year.

Live recorded music featured in the video from Tora! Tora! Tora! 2015 artists Amiria Grenell, The Bones and Fortunes.

The Black Seeds - OPONONI, NZ '14/'15 Summer Tour

Oh, THESE GUYS.  Over the summer we followed these lovely humans around the country filming shows in Taupo, the Coromandel + Opononi - and The Black Seeds have just released another of the videos we made for them covering the tour.  The internationally renowned band played with Katchafire & Sons Of Zion.  We caught up with our lovely friends from Aerial Vision for some pretty dang fine drone footage as well.  Thanks, you beauties. x

Here's a video diary mashup of the amazing day they had in the beautiful Far North, set to their track 'Love Me Now'.  

Music At MATUA - The Nudge, Estère + Fly My Pretties

Auckland boutique festival "Music At Matua" presented THE NUDGE, ESTÈRE + FLY MY PRETTIES, in one delicious line up.  The weather was scorching and the crowd delighted in the wine, the food selection on offer, and the superb summer sounds.  We were there to film The Nudge as they kicked off the festival with their uniquely entrancing multi-genre music, followed by the glorious 'electric blue witch-hop' beats from Estère.  We encountered people hearing her work for the first time who were instantly mesmerised. Finally, the much anticipated the big band lineup of Fly My Pretties, which included many friends - the Nudge boys Ryan Prebble, James Coyle + Iraia Whakamoe, Mara TK (Electric Wire Hustle), Barnaby Weir (The Black Seeds), Mike Fabulous (Lord Echo/TBS), Nigel Patterson (The Black Seeds) and Jarney Murphy (also The Black Seeds).  We were very pleased to briefly meet Age Pryor - we've been fans for some time. A really fun day - we certainly got our dancing shoes on.

Talented Babe Alert! Estère + her MPC Lola had a truly great set with some sweet moves.

Talented Babe Alert! Estère + her MPC Lola had a truly great set with some sweet moves.

Getting ready - the view from the kit.

Getting ready - the view from the kit.

This year's ensemble of Fly My Pretties had the crowd up on their feet in no time.

This year's ensemble of Fly My Pretties had the crowd up on their feet in no time.

The Black Seeds : Summer Tour '14-15

Here's the first video from The Black Seeds nationwide Summer Tour with Katchafire and Sons of Zion.  Great guys to work with + film, we're releasing a medley of videos for this talented bunch.  We captured The Black Seeds from Taupo and across to the Coromandel, to the dunes of the far North of Opononi, and can vouch that these boys sure know how to put on a good show.

Superb crowds!  We had great fun.

Big thanks to The Black Seeds, Katchafire, + Sons of Zion. 
Tour Diary video set to The Black Seeds - Dust and Dirt 

Filmed + edited by The Renegade Peach Project.


On the Road : The Black Seeds

We hope you've had a fantastic silly season, and that you're gearing up for a f+ delightful start to the New Year.  2015 is gonna to be a good'un. 

We've barely had a moment to stop and catch our breath as we've been thoroughly enjoying the sweet summer sounds of The Black Seeds on their tour around the isles of NZ.  Summer summer summer.  We started off in the Coromandel and will be heading down to Taupo tomorrow.  If you want to check out tour dates and haven't already got tickets, look here.  

Here are some sneak pictures behind the scenes, but we'll be updating with live gig photos soon.  Travel safe all.


Testing out the HERO4 on the road

Testing out the HERO4 on the road

The crowd -   The Black Seeds  ,   Coroglen

The crowd - The Black Seeds, Coroglen

The Black Seeds, Katchafire + Sons of Zion   - pre-show set-up at Coroglen

The Black Seeds, Katchafire + Sons of Zion - pre-show set-up at Coroglen

The crowd at Coroglen for   The Black Seeds.

The crowd at Coroglen for The Black Seeds.

Aston Rd Sessions : Estère - L'oiseau dans l'etoile (live)

And here it is. 
It's the final instalment of the Aston Rd Sessions - and what a way to conclude them.  
Presenting the final video from the ASTON ROAD SESSIONS (LIVE) : Estère - L'oiseau dans l'etoile.  We teamed up with the hugely talented, fun and embracing crew at Aston Road for three nights of inimitable, intimate live studio sessions at Blue Barn Studios, Wellington. 

Thomas OliverLouis Baker and Estère are superb performers and able to move their audiences, be it along emotional planes or up on to their feet.   We highly recommend getting to your feet for this last live Aston Rd Sessions video. 

AFROPUNK coverage for Estère video

Filmed and edited by The Renegade Peach Project
Afropunk has covered Estère's ASTON ROAD (live) Session performance of "The Words That Maketh Murder" (P J Harvey cover).  Estère transformed this haunting song into a contagious hip-bopping sing-a-long. Great work Estère - what a babe.