Music Video

Shapeshifter opening the Chch Town Hall with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra

We were there to film Shapeshifter as the act opening the Christchurch Town Hall with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra. Here are a few snippets from the occasion! Full videos with be available via Shapeshifter’s Social Media platforms - keep an eye out for them!

Official Music Video - Shapeshifter "Oculus"

Here it is!
OUR MUSIC VIDEO FOR SHAPESHIFTER "OCULUS" - filmed in September 2017 on location in Christchurch with producer +/ Shapeshifter Sam Trevethick and a troupe of fine dancers from Identity Dance Company Ltd.  

Taken from Shapeshifter's latest "Stars" LP, Oculus is a tribute to the ability of music and dance to uplift.
For Shapeshifter tour dates check:

Behind the Scenes - SHAPESHIFTER 'Oculus' Official Music Video

Here are some behind the scenes photos from filming the official music video for SHAPESHIFTER's new track 'Oculus'.  We teamed up with the Shapeshifter crew, drone masters Aerial Vision and three amazingly talented dancers from Identity Dance Company Ltd. and went down to Christchurch to capture some ridiculously smooth choreography in some fantastic locations. 

Keep you posted.

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 10.01.30 PM.png

The Black Seeds - NEW MUSIC VIDEO / Freakin' /

The official music video for The Black Seeds - Freakin' from their upcoming album 'Fabric'.
It was great to be working alongside The Black Seeds and The Makers Initiative again on a feel-good, 80s vibe, pumping track.
Dance + choreography from Hero Dance Company, Pump Dance Studios and The Company NZ.

Behind the Screen - The Nudge "DARK ARTS"

What a blast.  The Nudge sure know how to bring pace + vibe to a music video set.

We have been lucky enough to be able to test-drive the impressive new green screen at Massey University (WGTN) and we will be heading off to Great Barrier Island to film The Nudge in some scuba-åction glory later in the month.

This video has introduced a lot of new material, new experiences + new gear into the Peach fold - we've been filming with a legitimate + massive green screen for the first time, working with The Nudge on our first conceptual music video collaboration, and shooting with some ridiculously good new gear.  We've brought the Nikon D750, the Sigma Fisheye + Sigma Art Series 35mm 1.4 into the mix!  We're pretty excited about the visuals + abstract videography we'll be playing with.

Massive thanks to Massey, NZOnAir + these fantastic lads.

On Location - Louis Baker "Rainbow" Official Music Video

Talk about working with a professional - Louis was on task and hitting his marks time after time with his performance for our new collaborative music video project.  Louis received NZOA funding to create a music video for his new track "Rainbow" and we were presented with the challenge to create a video that showcases Louis' powerful, honest and stripped-back delivery.  

We made our way through seven locations in and around central Wellington, Carterton, the Tora coastline and Martinborough, filmed in streaming sunlight and torrential rain, and ambled along bush walks, beaches and shingle pathways.  We're both really looking forward to putting together this video - more soon! 

Louis + Mark making their way to our filming location on the Tora coastline.

Stunning sunbeams + equally smiley faces at the Waiohine Gorge.

Crossing the swingbridge across the Waiohine Gorge.

Location Scouting - New Music Video

We have been travelling around the Wellington, Martinborough and Carterton scouting for the right filming locations for an exciting upcoming music video project.  New Zealand - we've got to hand it to you.  What a stunner. 

Herd of albino bovine.

Mark crossing a swingbridge over the Waiohine Gorge


The Waiohine Gorge

Waterfall just outside of Upper Hutt.

Deep in the bush.

RISKY - "Shapes" featuring MARA TK (Electric Wire Hustle)

Here we are!
The Renegade Peach Project presents
RISKY "Shapes" featuring MARA TK (Electric Wire Hustle)

Filmed on location on Great Barrier Island + West Auckland beaches
Directed, filmed + edited by The Renegade Peach Project
Drone Footage - Aerial Vision
Dancer - Hannah Tasker-Poland
SPFX make-up - Yolanda Bartram of Body FX

Many thanks to all the crew involved, Mark's family for use of the Jaffe batch, Risky & Mara TK!

RISKY - Shapes ft MARA TK (released tomorrow!)

22 OCTOBER 2015
Our new video for RISKY - Shapes ft MARA TK (Electric Wire Hustle) lands tomorrow!
We're very excited about releasing this beauty of a video, captured with the help of Aerial Vision drones and SPFX make up by Yolanda from Body FX.  We employed the skills of Hannah Tasker-Poland and ensured acting appearances from RISKY and MARA - but we won't give everything away.  More very soon!

Filmed and edited by The Renegade Peach Project
ON LOCATION \\ Great Barrier Island and the wider Auckland region

AIRBORNE \\ A3 - Adam Page "Bread & Sticks"

Oh, bonjour!  Nous pensons que vous aimerez cette vidéo!  From Paris, city of revolution and romance, we're pleased to present AIRBORNE \\ A3 - Adam Page "Bread and Sticks".

We can't believe it's already time to unveil this video set to an unreleased looping, swelling and hypnotising track from Adam Page.  Despite Sophi falling ill during filming, we captured as much of this city's charm, simple gastronomic pleasures, scents (yes, scents!) and iconic structures as we could.  

Intro music by The All Seeing Hand

AIRBORNE \\ Intro music +

Well, we're finishing up the last of our edits for AIRBORNE \\ and our music video postcards are making us remember and re-engage with all our adventures.  We've created the opening credits and thanks to THE ALL SEEING HAND, we have some beautiful music to accompany them.  The track sets the mood for our music video postcard series perfectly - thanks guys! 


Image by Daily Secretion


San Francisco is lovely, but New York City has won over our hearts, particularly the Bushwick area, in Brooklyn.  We were lucky to stay in an industrial area frequented and inhabited by creatives, specifically in a notorious apartment, the 'Sky Fortress'.  Our hosts were an amazing group of individuals who welcomed us with open arms and whose artistic and travelling endeavours are thoroughly inspiring.  They and their friends (Stephanie, and 'The Brians', Brian and Brian being the most memorable of these satellite friends) hosted a BBQ and movie night on their building's rooftop, which provides a 360 degree view of Brooklyn and the Manhattan skyline.  Unbelievable. 
We're hoping to return to the Sky Fortress next year to work on a few projects - we'll be back!

Empire State Building, Manhattan, NYC

Bushwick Street Art, Brooklyn, NYC

Williamsburg Bridge, NYC

Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

AIRBORNE \\ updates - NEW YORK CITY : Joe Blossom
We had a week to capture the spirit of New York City, and our keywords for this video (as pitched by Joe Blossom) were 'Nostalgia' and 'Abstract'.  We filmed the bustling, humid city in the magical light of twilight as well as in Subway stations, and on the rooftop of the Sky Fortress.  We captured snippets of New York wherever we went, from Williamsburg to Midtown and we are looking forward to editing our music video postcard together.

What a whirlwind!  We had 24 hours to film this video - and San Francisco gave us fog, clouds, bright sunshine and even a hummingbird.  The colourful, stand-alone houses and the summer chill on the other coastline of the USA provided such a contrast to our New York experience.  We were lucky enough to participate in working on part of a decorative piece that will be featured as a shrine at the Burning Man festival this year, and that will be burned right underneath the Burning Man.  Such a creative ebb and flow to this hilly, foggy city. 

MORE SOON!  We're getting very excited that we've wrapped our filming and will be able to get our music video postcards out by MID AUGUST >> 


Trinity Roots - El Kaptain Official Music Video

Our new music video for the lovely + talented folk of Trinity Roots has sailed out into the wild world. Check it out! 

You can find full behind-the-scenes photos and stories and the "El Kaptain" Official Music Video by visiting our Videography section, or clicking here.

New Project, New Section - AIRBORNE \\

Have you been exploring our website recently? If you have, you may have noticed that a new page has appeared in our "videography" section.

AIRBORNE \\ is an exciting project we embark on this May, as we venture off on overseas adventures in SE Asia, Europe and the USA.  Working with previously unreleased tracks from 7 NZ musicians/bands, we are filming 7 music video postcards in 7 overseas locations, capturing our understanding of the spirit of each new place and setting it to sounds of home.  We have strict criteria to follow, as videographers - we have 3 hours to film in each location, and 72 hours to edit together a video.  We are also given a time of day (dictated by the musicians) to film, a theme, colour and keyword that describes the tone of the melody.

From mid-August 2015 we will release these AIRBORNE \\ videos, one per week.  It's going to be a beautiful collaboration between extremely talented NZ artists and our visual medium.  We've already received some of the tracks we're to work with - we feel very privileged to be working with such fantastic material.

Click here for the locations - artists to be released soon!

Behind The Unseen - Trinity Roots' "El Kaptain" Music Video


We're getting really excited about releasing our video for this hauntingly beautiful track from the wonderful Trinity Roots fellows - not long now!  We developed the video concept with the band and the hugely talented people at Body FX, and had so much fun working on this unusual video. 

We filmed the video in colour but our actors were made up in monochromatic make-up, producing a silent film era colour scale.  The props, set and costumes were also sourced and made to the monochromatic aesthetic.  Keep an eye out for mermaids...

The lovely Asher Norris as the music video's character, the Accordion Player.

Lance having his monochrome make-up applied by artist Nicole Heydenrijk from BODY FX

TRINITY ROOTS - 'El Kaptain'
Featuring Mark Russell, Sophi Reinholt, Tim Holman, John Matias, Asher Norris, Carolin Prinn, Lance Ravenswood, James Deane, Hannah Sinclair, Kowhai Wilkie, Jaz Hales.
Make Up by BODY FX wizards Yolanda Bartram, Nicole Heydenrijk + Myrtha Heydenrijk.
Filmed + edited by The Renegade Peach Project.

Huge aroha + thanks to Trinity Roots and New Zealand On Air!