Mara TK

RISKY - "Shapes" featuring MARA TK (Electric Wire Hustle)

Here we are!
The Renegade Peach Project presents
RISKY "Shapes" featuring MARA TK (Electric Wire Hustle)

Filmed on location on Great Barrier Island + West Auckland beaches
Directed, filmed + edited by The Renegade Peach Project
Drone Footage - Aerial Vision
Dancer - Hannah Tasker-Poland
SPFX make-up - Yolanda Bartram of Body FX

Many thanks to all the crew involved, Mark's family for use of the Jaffe batch, Risky & Mara TK!

RISKY - Shapes ft MARA TK (released tomorrow!)

22 OCTOBER 2015
Our new video for RISKY - Shapes ft MARA TK (Electric Wire Hustle) lands tomorrow!
We're very excited about releasing this beauty of a video, captured with the help of Aerial Vision drones and SPFX make up by Yolanda from Body FX.  We employed the skills of Hannah Tasker-Poland and ensured acting appearances from RISKY and MARA - but we won't give everything away.  More very soon!

Filmed and edited by The Renegade Peach Project
ON LOCATION \\ Great Barrier Island and the wider Auckland region

RISKY - that's a wrap

GREY LYNN, Auckland - Wow. Today we were blown away by the skill-set on hand for our final day of filming for Risky's video.  Professional, super-talented, on-to-it, fun - what more could you dream for?  Mara TK nailed his close-ups while singing his vocals and lyrics, and Yolanda from Body FX more than catered to our requests, creating a beautiful sense of depth and wonder with UV body paints.  Our contemporary dancer for the visuals, Hannah Tasker-Poland, simply blew us away with her precision, flexibility, quick + effective responses to direction.  It is her ability as a dancer, however, that left us completely astonished.  We feel so happy to have had the opportunity to work with these down-to-earth and gifted creatures.  We cannot wait to get into the editing room! 

RISKY - Last Days of Filming

WEST COAST, Auckland - our second to last day of filming the visuals for a music video for Risky that we started filming on Great Barrier Island.   Mara TK of Electric Wire Hustle contributed his lyrics and vocals to the track and he flew up this morning from Wellington for a day's filming.  The particular beach we found is akin to a moon-scape.  Only surfers and intrepid tourists were brave or fool-hardy enough to embrace the cold rain for a beach stroll.  Glistening black sand and an extremely gusty wind meant we had swirling sand dervishes biting at our heels and faces, but it was worth it.  We captured some staggeringly effective footage that looks as isolating and alien on "film" as it was in real life.