On Location

Namaste from India

Beautiful, captivating India. 
Renegade Peach has been in the South West of this magnificent and complex country. We've been visiting Munnar tea plantations 1800m above sea level, treading the well worn roads of Kochi and boating the Backwaters of Kerala - happily navigating the never ending sea of people and colour.

Jon Lemmon - "When It Came Along"

We've been working with Jon Lemmon on his crowdsourced music video for his track "When It Came Along" - a catchy, uplifting new tune from this talented source of good-vibes.  Jon asked friends, fans and family to submit footage of themselves dancing, singing or vibeing with the track.  From 6 continents, and remote locations ranging from Machu Pichu to an ice sheet in Antartica, videos began to be uploaded.  Beautiful videos, full of quirk, happiness, extreme dancing, costumes, puppets, pumice and whimsy.  Fantastic.  It's been really lovely and easy to work with Jon, and we can't stop bopping our heads with a beaming smile on our faces each time we run through a draft of the final video.  We also went out and filmed with Jon on location around Auckland - with some charming results. 

More soon!

Two tiny pictures from our on location shoot in Auckland: street art, and ladies nestling in to a Pohutukawa tree.

Want to know more about Jon's "When It Came Along" music video project? 
Check out the website and call to action-dance video here: 

Location Scouting - New Music Video

We have been travelling around the Wellington, Martinborough and Carterton scouting for the right filming locations for an exciting upcoming music video project.  New Zealand - we've got to hand it to you.  What a stunner. 

Herd of albino bovine.

Mark crossing a swingbridge over the Waiohine Gorge


The Waiohine Gorge

Waterfall just outside of Upper Hutt.

Deep in the bush.


back HOME. 
It's so great to be back in Wellington, and check out the sunbeams Wellington put on for us. You really can't beat this place on a good day.  We're here catching up with the boys from The Nudge (they'll be over in Bali for NYE), Jon Lemmon (who's working on a new mvproject www.whenitcamealong.com), the fine folk at Good Nature, and scouting locations for our next music video project with the outstanding Louis Baker.  

RISKY - "Shapes" featuring MARA TK (Electric Wire Hustle)

Here we are!
The Renegade Peach Project presents
RISKY "Shapes" featuring MARA TK (Electric Wire Hustle)

Filmed on location on Great Barrier Island + West Auckland beaches
Directed, filmed + edited by The Renegade Peach Project
Drone Footage - Aerial Vision
Dancer - Hannah Tasker-Poland
SPFX make-up - Yolanda Bartram of Body FX

Many thanks to all the crew involved, Mark's family for use of the Jaffe batch, Risky & Mara TK!