AIRBORNE \\ 2017 Calendar

The countdown for the online launch of TheShop is on! 
01 September is the big day but in the meantime we're releasing behind-the-scenes photos + videos on our shop Instagram.
Our latest shop video?  The AIRBORNE \\ 2017 Calendar - our 12 month studio-sized calendar comprising of a collection of B+W photographs captured during filming our AIRBORNE \\ music video postcard series.  You can hang it neatly as is, or separate the pages and display as a full year calendar.  Plus, 10% of every calendar sold goes to the superb people behind Women's Refuge New Zealand.

AIRBORNE \\ A7 - Joe Blossom "The Breaking"

Here we are folks, 
We're faced with feelings of contentment tinged with sadness as we offer up our 7th and final music video postcard - with a fitting track that warmly embraces our feelings of nostalgia and the flickers of memories and friendships forged during our 3 month long AIRBORNE \\ journey.

Presenting AIRBORNE \\ A7 - Joe Blossom "The Breaking", an unreleased track from Joe Blossom's upcoming album 'All of the Above', filmed in New York City. Many thanks to everyone who has kept up with our releases each Wednesday 10am - if you missed any of the AIRBORNE \\ series you can find them at

Intro music by The All Seeing Hand
For more from Joe Blossom

AIRBORNE \\ A6 - Louis Baker "The Way" (re-mix by Devin Abrams)

Caramba, ¿Qué es esto? 
No, you know what day it is.
We're very pleased to present AIRBORNE \\ A6 - Louis Baker "The Way" (re-mix produced by Devin Abrams) with his music video postcard from San Francisco, California.

Louis' voice soars in this new version of his track "The Way", curated by Devin Abrams. It was such a pleasure to edit to! 

Intro music by The All Seeing Hand
Filmed, produced and edited by The Renegade Peach Project

AIRBORNE \\ A5 - Thomas Oliver "Budapest is Beautiful"

A beautiful track from Thomas Oliver for our music video postcard from Budapest, Hungary. Thomas' voice is powerful, rich and poignant, the lyrics sweet and enveloping.  Look out - this one will snuggle up to your subconscious and leave you humming it's melody all day.

For more AIRBORNE \\ and behind the scenes:
Intro music by The All Seeing Hand:

AIRBORNE \\ A3 - Adam Page "Bread & Sticks"

Oh, bonjour!  Nous pensons que vous aimerez cette vidéo!  From Paris, city of revolution and romance, we're pleased to present AIRBORNE \\ A3 - Adam Page "Bread and Sticks".

We can't believe it's already time to unveil this video set to an unreleased looping, swelling and hypnotising track from Adam Page.  Despite Sophi falling ill during filming, we captured as much of this city's charm, simple gastronomic pleasures, scents (yes, scents!) and iconic structures as we could.  

Intro music by The All Seeing Hand

AIRBORNE \\ A2 - Alphabethead "Bangkok" LAUNCHES!

AIRBORNE \\ is a series of music video postcards set to tracks from home, with New Zealand based artists contributing unreleased tracks to the project.  

Each artist was asked to provide a time of day to film, and a keyword and/or colour to help us capture the essence of their track. Alphabethead's key word for the track was "Nocturnal" and we filmed deep into the evenings.

AIRBORNE \\ A1 - Estère : Cambodia Behind-The-Scenes

We're not sure if you've noticed, but there's a behind-the-scenes section for the Estère (Jordan Rakei Re-mix) full of photographs, behind-the-scenes tidbits and our Instagram feed from the time.  If you're hungering for some behind the scenes travel photos, check it out!  

AIRBORNE \\ A1 - Estère (Jordan Rakei Re-mix) "Reptilian Journey"

The first music video postcard for our new series AIRBORNE \\ was released this morning! 
AIRBORNE \\ is a series of music video postcards set to tracks from home, with New Zealand based artists contributing unreleased tracks to the project.  

Each artist was asked to provide a keyword and/or colour to help us capture the essence of their track.  Estère's key word for the track was "Flicker" and her selected colours were maroon and gold.  Alchemy. Enjoy!

Intro music by The All Seeing Hand

AIRBORNE\\ was filmed, edited and produced by the Renegade Peach Project.  

AIRBORNE \\ The story begins

Here it is folks!  The trailer to our first AIRBORNE \\ series.
AIRBORNE \\ took us on a journey circumnavigating the world while collaborating with a group of amazing artists from New Zealand.  Each artist gave us an unreleased track before we left, a time of day to film their music video postcard, and a location to film it in.  Some gave us colours and keywords to help further articulate their music.  

The series kicks off TOMORROW with our MVP for the lovely Estère, for her remixed track by Jordan Rakei.

Trailer music by

AIRBORNE \\ Intro music +

Well, we're finishing up the last of our edits for AIRBORNE \\ and our music video postcards are making us remember and re-engage with all our adventures.  We've created the opening credits and thanks to THE ALL SEEING HAND, we have some beautiful music to accompany them.  The track sets the mood for our music video postcard series perfectly - thanks guys! 


Image by Daily Secretion


San Francisco is lovely, but New York City has won over our hearts, particularly the Bushwick area, in Brooklyn.  We were lucky to stay in an industrial area frequented and inhabited by creatives, specifically in a notorious apartment, the 'Sky Fortress'.  Our hosts were an amazing group of individuals who welcomed us with open arms and whose artistic and travelling endeavours are thoroughly inspiring.  They and their friends (Stephanie, and 'The Brians', Brian and Brian being the most memorable of these satellite friends) hosted a BBQ and movie night on their building's rooftop, which provides a 360 degree view of Brooklyn and the Manhattan skyline.  Unbelievable. 
We're hoping to return to the Sky Fortress next year to work on a few projects - we'll be back!

Empire State Building, Manhattan, NYC

Bushwick Street Art, Brooklyn, NYC

Williamsburg Bridge, NYC

Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

AIRBORNE \\ updates - NEW YORK CITY : Joe Blossom
We had a week to capture the spirit of New York City, and our keywords for this video (as pitched by Joe Blossom) were 'Nostalgia' and 'Abstract'.  We filmed the bustling, humid city in the magical light of twilight as well as in Subway stations, and on the rooftop of the Sky Fortress.  We captured snippets of New York wherever we went, from Williamsburg to Midtown and we are looking forward to editing our music video postcard together.

What a whirlwind!  We had 24 hours to film this video - and San Francisco gave us fog, clouds, bright sunshine and even a hummingbird.  The colourful, stand-alone houses and the summer chill on the other coastline of the USA provided such a contrast to our New York experience.  We were lucky enough to participate in working on part of a decorative piece that will be featured as a shrine at the Burning Man festival this year, and that will be burned right underneath the Burning Man.  Such a creative ebb and flow to this hilly, foggy city. 

MORE SOON!  We're getting very excited that we've wrapped our filming and will be able to get our music video postcards out by MID AUGUST >> 


The Baltic - Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia

We're travelling through the Baltic region and have really enjoyed these smaller Northern European states.  In Lithuania we walked amongst the peeling buildings of Vilnius' Old Town's wartime Jewish Ghetto, visited galleries and enjoyed people watching in the large open squares with delicious varieties of the extensive range of Lithuanian beers.  Riga, Latvia, was an unexpected highlight - we found that it deserves it's nickname "the Paris of the North", and spent hours walking around the Old Town, the Central Market and Russian Jewish Quarter.  We were lucky that our trip corresponded with the XI Latvian Youth Song and Dance Festival with children and teenagers attired in traditional dress and performing for the admiring crowds. 
We head to Estonia today, before making our way over to the USA to film our AIRBORNE \\ Music Video Postcard for JOE BLOSSOM. 
We'll keep you posted. 

Old Town, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Old Town Riga, Latvia

Old Town, Vilnius, Lithuania

Traditional folk dancing, Riga, Latvia

Overlooking the Old Town, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Riga, Latvia 

AIRBORNE \\ BUDAPEST - Filming for THOMAS OLIVER instrumental

We loved Budapest.  The first city that neither of us had been to before, it was a welcome treat.  The sunsets in Budapest on the banks of the 'Duna' Danube River are spectacularly vivid.  We also recommend Air BnB - we rented a wonderful Budapest apartment that made us feel very immersed in everyday Hungarian life.  In Budapest, the beer is cheap and the food portions enormous (except for when it comes to gelato).  The local liquor "Unicum" (est. 1790) has a potent fragrance derived from cherries.  The Budapest Metro is Sophi's favourite one thus far - a charming bouncing Soviet blue tin-can.

The thermal baths are a welcome treat after a day of traversing Budapest streets filming (we recommend Gellért).  It was easy to feel a romantic hue falling over the city as we filmed - imagining Thomas Oliver's Weissenborn instrumental as the light danced + played over the buildings, and people chatted and laughed by the Danube.

That wraps our filming in Europe!  We're travelling through Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia before we begin the next stint of filming - in the USA. 

Michael Jackson tree memorial, 2015.


It's been great to be back in Berlin, and we're surprised by how much it has changed.  A lot less grunge than when we were last here, so we actively sought it out by visiting many of the abandoned sites to film.  We loved the abandoned swimming pool, the abandoned US spy base and the abandoned Tempelhof Airport (now the city's largest public park).  

We also managed to find some new gems on our down time - such as Stadtbad Neukolln (an Art Nouveau-esque / faux-Roman public swimming pool), a Ramones museum-come-cafe, brunch paradise Papilles, + minimalist design-haven cafe westberlin.

Our key words and key times to film from BIG FLIP THE MASSIVE
GRUNGE.  DAY + NIGHT.  We're in the process of editing and we're looking forward to presenting our mash mix of visuals for this quick-paced + deliciously original BFTM track in August. 

Cambodia - AIRBORNE \\ Estère

We're in Cambodia! We began filming in Siem Reap and are now in Phnom Penn editing to the fresh track from Estère.  This MVP (music video postcard) is looking to be a magical journey through time and nature.  Met some fantastic people, and recommend trying out Cambodian BBQ (perhaps not for the faint of gut).

Angkor Wat Temple

Cambodian BBQ - full chicken (including the feet) and rice

Bayon Temple

Robbie tries the chicken feet

Waterfall at Kbal Spean

Kbal Spean - fertility shrine carvings in the river's bedrock


We're in Bangkok filming our first AIRBORNE \\ music video postcard for ALPHABETHEAD. What a fabulous way to start this project off - we're really enjoying this city. The heat hits you like a wall when you step outside of the airport, and the smells and hustle bustle of people immediately envelops you.  Bangkok is a city heaving with activity, and yet it's relatively easy to find exquisite pockets of calm.  

It's a city of extremes - poverty and opulence, extreme humidity and air conditioned bubbles, people utilising every accessible resource and in turn creating a staggering mass of expended materials. The markets are a hive of people exchanging wares and currency, preparing food, riding scooters and bicycles, with shrines to a variety of deities watching over it all.  Our favourite markets have been the less tourist-frequented "Amulet Market" and "Flower Market".  The people are warm, welcoming and hospitable, the street stall food absolutely delicious.  As Mark put it, "It's like we're living in a restaurant!"  

We are filming at night time for Alphabethead's video and are making our way through the night markets and night streets, capturing the pulse of both Alphabethead's track and this mesmerising city.  Here are some iPhone images to keep you going.


And here it is, folks.  Last, but in no fathomable way least, here are our final collaborating AIRBORNE \\ artists.  THOMAS OLIVER and ADAM PAGE, both brilliant musicians and composers, entirely dedicated to their respective crafts, and both are all-round GOOD humans. 
Thomas Oliver is a fantastic vocalist, songwriter, and is world renowned for his mastery of the Weissenborn.  His work leaves an indelible soul-lifting mark upon audiences.  Adam Page captivates crowds of all ages with his multi-instrumentalist wizardry, wielding his looping pedals and cartwheeling vocal prowess.  He has performed in events ranging from fringe festivals to working with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra to perform his first symphony. 

And thusly, our full AIRBORNE \\ line-up is revealed!






We're very pleased to announce that JOE BLOSSOMLOUIS BAKER are our fourth and fifth artists on board for our latest project AIRBORNE \\ - 7 music video postcards set to sounds of home.  Both these singers, musicians and songwriters' selected work are designated for our American leg of the project - with Sean, aka Joe Blossom, providing us with a hauntingly beautiful unreleased track, and Louis supplying a heart achingly good re-mixed and re-mastered track.  Very exciting stuff.

More details soon.